Love Heals All Wounds

When most people think of feeling love, they automatically think of their biological families. I, on the other hand, include my “chosen family.” I am lucky enough to have a cluster of people whom I know care about me and support me in all that I do. Sometimes our biological family only sees a part of us. Our “chosen family,” on the other hand, is more enlightened to our whole being.

For me, I am so lucky to have a “family” that knows all my faults and loves me anyway, if not more. I often wonder how I am so lucky to have people like that in my life. What great thing did I do to be blessed with such AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL, people? Then I realized, all I did was be myself. I don’t need to alter my personality or my image to attract people. I don’t need to try to conform to everyone else and hate myself if I can’t. Being different, being unique, and being me is what makes me stand out from the rest. It’s so much harder to be someone you’re not.

Even when I was at my worst, I felt love around me. That love is what has helped get me through. I know I had to make the choice to get better, but there’s no way I could have done it alone; believe me I tried. It was the love and support of my “family” that saw the strength and fight in me. They are the ones, who walked beside me, carried me, and let me cry on their shoulder, who helped me make this possible. I want to thank all of you and tell you how much I LOVE YOU!! You all mean the world to me, and even though I am still recovering you are always there. I never gave up on myself because you all never gave up on me.


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