My Road To Recovery

I compare my road to recovery like driving. When I’m on the road there are always people who speed by and others who are just creeping along. I usually just end up setting the cruise and pacing along. At times, even though I may be going faster than others, there is always that one car that ends up right on my butt and tries to force me along. There are also times, when I’m driving, that the traffic is heavy and I may end up slowing down, or even coming to a complete stop. These same roads may have potholes, or cracks in the pavement, as well as other obstacles that can appear. Sometimes, there may be an accident ahead, or a detour that takes me off my usual route, and through all of this there is the occasional car that is pulled off on the shoulder.

I hope this analogy makes sense to those of you reading because I see it as the perfect parallel to recovery. There are bumps in the road and obstacles that may get in our way. Some times we may be progressing well and other times recovery may be slower. There are also times when people may try to force us along, thinking that’s it’s for the best, and other times when we may be on our own. There is no clear path for recovery. Everyone is different and everyone is moving at there on pace. Some may not make it and end up pulling off the side of the road. Either way, Recovery is possible and I just keep reminding myself that “I can do this” and that one day I will be able to look back and be proud of what I accomplished.


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