Well That Changes Everything

Anyone who has ever gone through a rough time in their lives knows that having supportive people to rely on is a necessity. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a death, a divorce, a loss of a job, financial strain, an accident, or a health issue; we all need someone to be able to lean on and help us through. For me, my rough time is a health issue. Having an Eating Disorder is not something can one can recover from on their own, as much as we try to convince ourselves we can. There are many “support” people that are a necessity in the recovery process. With a disease like this, it didn’t happen suddenly or overnight and neither will recovery. In fact, going through the healing process can be more painful and lengthy than the Eating Disorder itself. Recovery from this is a life long process so any and all support should be welcome.

Hopefully, we all have some sort of support from friends and/or family, but even more than that, is a dedicated and caring treatment team. These people are your guides to recovery and your sounding board for all your thoughts, feelings and emotions so they should be “perfect” for you. You cannot just randomly choose people to be on your team; you must have a connection and trust with them. Without trust there is no truth. Why would you tell some complete stranger, whom you don’t know, your deepest, darkest secret? You would, however, tell a really good friend so that’s how I look at my team. Even though they are essentially my medical providers, I tell them things that I would never tell anyone else and I know there will be no judgement or criticism, but only empathy and a drive to help. It may take time, and many assessments, but trust when I say finding that connection will be a lifesaver.

I am lucky to have found those people. It definitely took some time, but between my doctor, my therapist, and my nutritionist I have my dream team. I know that they truly care about be about my well being and are behind me 100%. They are there for my triumphs and my missteps. They are my push to keep moving forward and my soft place to land if I fall. They are my support through these hard times when I feel scared and alone. Without their help progress would be nonexistent and relapse would eventually be what I’d have to look forward to. Now I know that going uphill is so much harder, but the view from the top makes it all worth it. THANK YOU so much to the team that has my back. I love you all.


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