Why Not Just Give Up?

Anyone who has struggled with an ED, and has been in treatment, knows how hard it can be to battle through the tough times. Almost every one of those same people know what it’s like to want to give up. Of course it would be easier to succumb to the power of the Eating Disorder, so why wouldn’t we want to give in? The ED is our comfort place; a place where we feel safe, so why would we want to suddenly give that up? Then we are suddenly faced with the mind set of recovery. It seems impossible to think about living without the ED, but at the same time it would be a relief to live without it and all the rules that come with it. The scary part is getting from one place to the other. Everyone walks the path in their own time, but everyone will eventually experience obstacles that will make them question their decision. So what keeps us going? What is it about Recovery that keeps us fighting? Why do we make the choice to experience the hard and scary road toward recovery when it would be so easy to stay comfortable with our ED? There must be some reward we all expect to get at the end. We all hear about how much better our lives will be when we get past this, so that must be what keeps us going. Knowing that there is a better, happier, more freeing life waiting for us is worth fighting for. Every day is a fight, and every day is a struggle, but if we want a better life we have to leave our comfort zone and take the leap, knowing we will land on the other side. THAT’S WHY I CHOSE NOT TO GIVE UP!!!!


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