Be Thankful……

This time of year everyone is asked to consider what they are thankful for. At some family dinners everyone even goes around the table, each saying one thing for which they give thanks. A lot of people say they are thankful for their family and friends, or for their jobs and health, but what if someone said that they were thankful for all their struggles? That they were grateful that they had experienced hard times and that many obstacles were put in their way. What if someone said they were thankful for the times when they felt defeated and had hit bottom. I know none of these are traditional responses heard at the Thanksgiving dinner, but, this year, these will be mine.

I am thankful that I have struggled this year because they have resulted in where I am today. I am grateful that I have suffered hard times and have had many obstacles thrown my way because overcoming these have made me a stronger person. I am thankful for the times when I felt defeated and had hit bottom because looking back I can see how hard I had so fight to climb to the top. I am thankful because these challenges I have faced this year were no coincidence. They were pre-planned for me and designed so that I had the ability to overcome them. I just had to dig deep inside myself for the motivation and the drive to fight. I am thankful for these struggles because they have empowered me and knowing that even on the bad days I am still a fighter.


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