Just Eat….

Just eat!! What does that even mean anyway? What is going through someones’ head when they decide to say that? I know most people don’t understand the complexity of an eating disorder, but why would anyone choose those words to say to someone whom they know is struggling? What, do they think that by them saying it then I’m going to automatically do it? In fact, for some, it may result in just the opposite. I know that sometimes when I hear that my ED gains power and forces me to think that I am in control if I don’t “just eat.”

I know not everyone thinks before they speak because if they did they would realize that saying that to someone with an ED is just moronic. Sometimes, it’s even been said to me in a joking manner, and that’s even worse. I can usually let other’s moronic comments go right over my head, but some days those same comments really get to me. If I could “just eat” then I wouldn’t be going through all this hell. If it were that easy….well then we all would be cured. BUT, it’s not that easy, and unlike substance abuse or alcoholism, we need food to survive. People struggling with EDs have to face their demons 3+ times a day and every time there are a million thoughts going through our heads.

So that’s what one little comment can do. It can cause a whole domino effect for the person struggling. If people would only respect those whom they know are struggling and not treat this disease as a choice or a battle of wills. Everyone’s individual situation is different, but one thing is constant……not one of us chooses this. We all wish we could “JUST EAT.”


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