We All Need A Friend

Holding Hands

Everyone needs someone in their lives. We all need at least one person to care about and to care about us. Someone that will hold our hand and lead us through the storm. Someone that will let us cry on their shoulder and that same someone who will cry with us. That one person who is the first one you call when something exciting happens. That person who can tell when you’re having a bad day just by looking at you. That one person who can tell you when you are being annoying and it doesn’t piss you off. That one person whom you share all your secrets with without judgement or shame. Someone who will pick you up when you fall and risk there life to save yours. Someone who always has you in their thoughts and prayers and just seeing them puts you in a good mood. Someone who has your back in any situation and “takes the wheel” when you are starting to lose control. No one can walk this world alone. We all need someone to help carry the weight of the world. We all need a friend.


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