Is It Me?

We all have that one person we want to “like” us. Even as adults we still want to feel accepted. So, here’s the person you want to impress. You do anything you can just to have them acknowledge you, but they never do. It’s not that that person is cruel or malicious, it’s just that they don’t see you trying to get their attention. For some of us, this person might be a family member and in that case the disappointment factor comes into play. That’s where you are worried more about disappointing someone, as opposed to feeling accepted. In any case, when that person doesn’t respond to our efforts we still keep trying over and over hoping one day they will accept us. So why do we keep trying? Why do we expend all of our energy into this one person? What is it about feeling “liked?” Every time you try it ends in disappoint, but you still go back for more. The best thing to do would be to FORGET IT. If that person doesn’t care than why should you? Life is to short and you are loved more than you know. Love yourself and others will just flock to you. You are worthy of love and acceptance and if others make you feel you’re not then that’s on them.


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