True Friends Are True Necessities

Holding HandsI know some people who are like hermits. They are always alone, always closed up inside, and always have their head down. A few years ago I could never have imagine myself in that position. I mean, why would someone want to walk this world alone? How can anyone go without a friend whom they can laugh with, cry with, and grow with? Then suddenly I looked around and I was “that person.” I had gradually become more and more isolated and had successfully managed to push everyone away. I noticed I began spending more time in this isolated state where I didn’t even want to be around people. I was very much lonely and depressed and didn’t even have the energy to attempt to snap out of it. I could feel myself getting weaker and weaker and I was about to “collapse,” when suddenly an unexpected “friend” came alone and picked me up. She let me cry on her shoulder and listened when I talked to her. She held me when I needed a humans touch and she offered me her wisdom. I, then, started to realize that that was what I needed all along. I needed a friend to walk this world with. I needed to realize that there are people who care about me and I need to trust their help. No one can walk this world alone and no one should have to try. True friends are true necessities.


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