I Want It NOW!!!!

Most people have heard the phrase “Patience is a Virtue,” but sometimes being patient can be painful. Have you ever wanted something NOW? Have you ever wanted IT so bad and waiting is so physically agonizing it makes you ache all over? When just thinking about putting time between NOW and THEN makes you feel like screaming? I like to think I am a patient person, but I WANT IT NOW!!! I want freedom, I want comfort, I want reality. I want to feel stable in my life physically, socially, and financially.

I know these things don’t happen overnight and it takes time to climb up out of the depths. Even though it’s hard to be patient sometimes, I know that I am stronger for it. I also know that working towards the things I want will keep me from going backwards. If I take it step by step I WILL eventually reach the point where I feel completely content with my life. Then I’ll be able to look back and feel proud of how far I came. I know my life will never be “perfect,” but I do know that I deserve to be happy and if patience is the way to achieve that then I guess I’ll just have to be patient.


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