When Words Hurt….

Day after day I encounter people who feel it acceptable to make comments on my size. I try not to take it personally and remember that the majority of people have no understanding of this disease. As much as I try to block these comments out, sometimes they really get to me. Why do people find it OK to make comments on how thin someone is. I mean, you never hear of a person approaching someone to tell them how “FAT” they are.  so why is it OK to approach someone and tell them that they are “SKINNY?” I just don’t get it.  For people, like myself who are struggling with an Eating Disorder, or are in Recovery, this is a perfect example that WORDS CAN HURT. Who ever coined the phrase “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me,” obviously never felt “broken.”


One thought on “When Words Hurt….

  1. We were talking about this in my support group, actually—I have a coworker who always feels the need to comment on how skinny I am. She asks me how much I weigh. She seems to not care much about whether or not those comments are helpful to me, but I know that if I said anything about her weight, she’d be very hurt as she is morbidly obese. I don’t get why it’s supposedly okay to comment on someone being thin but never okay if they are fat.

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