Just Breathe…..

ButterflyOur lives begin and end with one simple gesture, a breath. It’s so amazing to think that that same breath keeps us going everyday. As a society we take that breath for granted. There is so much that can come from a breath. It can reveal our calmness, our fear, and our excitement. By taking time each day to listen to your breath you can relieve stress and anxiety and help you get in touch with your inner self. I know that when I’m meditating I move into an almost hypnotic state. I become very relaxed and am able to clear my mind of the stresses of the day. Then I am able to “listen” to my soul. With all the chaos going on around us it is that more important to develop a harmony with our bodies. It’s so incredible that this one action can reveal so much. Studies show that people who do some sort of meditation are healthier and happier overall. So take time each day to just listen and feel your emotions.


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