Embrace Me

While on the internet I came across this picture. As I focused on it I almost began to tear up. “THAT’S IT,” I thought. A visual image of what I’ve been craving for as long as I can remember. To me it resembles safety, love, warmth, support, caring, comfort, and so much more. But more than anything it resembles my desire just to be held, to be EMBRACED. My ED has left me an empty shell of a person and I get so lonely sometimes that it’s physically painful. The ED is a dark and dreary disease that regularly leaves me feeling cold, physically and mentally. At this point is when I crave the warm touch of another person, someone to wrap their arms around me and just HOLD ON. With no agenda nor judgement, but because they see the need in me, the need that is so HARD for me to express. 


      Image Image


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