Be My Strength


One important thing I have learned during my recovery process is that no one can do it alone. This disorder is so evil and twisted that it leads us to believe that no one cares and that we are not significant. Some people use the ED to cover up pain, some to “regain control,” some use it to disappear and others to get attention, but whatever an ED does for you one thing is constant. The ED leaves you feeling so alone and unloved. You lose all hope for happiness and some even question their worthiness. There is also another thing that is constant….NO ONE CAN RECOVER ALONE. It takes more strength to reach out for help and be OK with being vulnerable. The ED gains power by making us believe we are alone. The more we regress from the outside world the stronger the ED gets. Only when we except that we are weak and need help can we truly be strong enough to fight. The catch is to make sure that the hand you grab for for help will the strength that can pull you out. Even the strongest most independent person in the world needs someone to lean on. Everyone needs someone to BE THEIR STRENGTH when they are weak.


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