Acceptance Of Self Through Faith

What are you looking at? What has captured your attention? What you choose to see by faith is what you will receive. Faith looks at a desert and sees a luscious and vibrant garden springing up in that very place. Faith looks at an overgrown and expansive wilderness and sees a roadway to destiny in its place. Faith looks at nothing and sees everything.

Do you only see you? Are you merely aware of your mortal and frustrating existence? The people (angels) that are applauding your life are those who from every generation chose to see what they could not see with their natural eyes. The ones who are yelling the loudest and with the greatest gusto are those who withstood the fiercest difficulties of life in order to do the will of God. All of those who have gone before you are standing and watching with grand anticipation the choices you will make as you walk your earthly path.

It’s not so much about seeing the good stuff or the bad stuff, but it is completely about seeing God’s stuff!


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