May 1, 2014



Today I received some awesome advice from a wise woman. She said “People tear you down every day, but only you can honor yourself in the eyes of your creator.” WOW, what an amazing thought. She also gave me a glimmer of hope by say “Every night be thankful for the day and get down on your knees and pray for the strength to accomplish tomorrow.” We can never really predict what is going to happen after our feet hit the ground in the morning so we have to try to be the best we can be, be helpful to others, and hold on to the positive experiences.



2 thoughts on “May 1, 2014

  1. You are such an amazing woman! I am very proud of you. Keep your armor on and your face lifted to the heavens! god will take care of the rest… Oh yeah, and remember to smile (it looks beautiful on YOU)!!!


  2. Thank you so much for everything. You are truly a wonderful woman, doctor, and friend. I really appreciate the email you sent me, as well, and I hope you received my reply yesterday. I look forward to seeing you again soon.


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